Examination Controller University of Allahabad

Examination controller is one of the important positions in the examination field. These people are usually in charge of handing out examination papers to the candidates, preparing the test and supervising the final proceedings. Being responsible for the quality control of a study material and the administration of an examination, they also make sure that the entire process is conducted professionally. This is the role performed by the controller in the University of Jerusalem.

The examination process starts with examination-centers. These centers are usually established all over the campus and are designed for the sole purpose of ensuring uniformity in the process of examination. They house the examination controller or the person who takes responsibility for the supervision of the entire examination process. There are various best site factors which are taken into account while preparing the examination. One of them is the syllabus of the course. Controller university of Allahabad provides excellent syllabus so that students belonging to different departments can opt for the courses which best meet their needs.

The other factor that is looked upon is the content of the examination. The instructor of the course guides the students to prepare well for the examination. He prepares the examination papers according to the guidelines and then hands it over to the controller. The examination process is supervised by them and if anything is not in order then they firstly make sure that the material is attuned to the syllabus and then proceed further to take corrective measures. controller University of Allahabad has some of the best exam labs for the examination process, which are recognized by the examination centers as well as the institutes.

The exam rooms are always well equipped with all the required materials for the examination. There are proper lighting, sound systems and other amenities for the comfort of the students. There are equipments such as multiple choice boards, multiple-choice questions paper, multiple-choice rubrics, questionnaires etc which are very essential for the efficient performance of the students. There is an examination lounge where the candidates can sit for long hours without any refreshments or food and the chairs are always well maintained and there are provisions for resting and relaxing.

During the examination period, the controller can only have one student to assist him/her but the assistant can accompany them. The controller also has the duty to supervise the production of the examination papers. The examination topics are given very interesting questions to test the skills and knowledge of the candidates. The questions cover all the topics and they will be entirely based on the subject area. The test papers are mailed to the students so that they can examine them at their own leisure and when they feel that they have the confidence to do so, they can submit their answers to the controller for grading.

University of Allahabad also has a full scale of practical classes for the students. These classes are conducted under the supervision of Professors Ghulam M. Zuber and M. S. Zuber. The instructors of these classes are Mr. S. Zuber, Mr. Ghulam M. Zuber and Mrs. Zuber. The syllabus of these classes are very wide so that the students may get an idea about the subject matter. The examination process of these practical classes is very simple, as students need not undergo any form of examination and the entire exam process takes place under the supervision of Professors.

As far as the format of the examination is concerned, it is entirely in the hands of the controller to decide the format as per the needs and requirements of the students. In this regard, they are allowed to choose two simple formats for the examinations which shall enable them to do well in the exams. The examination process is divided into three phases. The first phase commences with the assessment of the general comprehension of the students. The second phase consists of multiple choice exams and the last phase is the writing exams.

There are various recognized and reliable examination boards that give these examinations. These examination boards are a part of the University of Cairo School of Engineering and are considered to be an integral part of the examination process. There are several qualified and experienced engineers who conduct these tests and those who posses the skills and knowledge to evaluate and grade the candidates. The examination controller has complete control over the entire examination process and as such, they are able to modify or cancel any question or exam if they feel that there is anything lacking in it.